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15 Feb - 9 Mar 2013

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Amsterdam HOLLAND

Bert Schoonhoven (Amsterdam 1956)



"Started as Illustrator and Advertisement drawer. In 1986 he decided to stop with Graphic Designing.


He left the commercial sector and made a remarkable switch in his career as a abstract painter.


This was one of the best choices Bert made in his career.


His illustrative qualities became visible and


did not stay unnoticed. Since then he started to paint ‘


the outsider world of the society.


The poverty he encountered every day in Amsterdam is


one of the subjects he painted.


But also he paints his fantasy about monsters that often play


a key role in his erotic fantasy world


And are occurring lately more and more on a visible stage.


(See the painting'' Viagra'').




Bert Schoonhoven Gallery owner and


founder of The Amsterdam Outsider Art Gallery


would never exhibit his work in his own gallery,


he finds that a weakness.


For years he helped outsider artists to give them


a stage in his own gallery and to give their work publicity.




Now the time has come that he will expose his own work.


A good start for maybe a long series


of new exhibitions."--- Bert Schoonhoven

Bert Viagra

Bert Schoonhoven

Exhibition: 13 July - 24 August 2013


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Images supplied by Bert Schoonhoven.

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