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by Gareth Hughes

15 Feb - 9 Mar 2013

'Studio B' Boyertown - PA

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The Uncooked Culture was founded by Chutima Kerdpitak(Nok), Artist/Independent Curator with its experimental interactive online artist community.

Uncooked Culture

Uncooked Culture

Uncooked Culture believes in Individuality, Freedom of Choice, Humanity and after all "Giving"= Sharing"

aims to support outsider-minded artists, untrained/self-taught artists, marginalized artists, hidden artists, artists working outside the system, artists who feel rejected by the system or drop out from the system and under-represented artists by building up a sustainable and supportive community of members.

provides free opportunity to those uncooked artists to showcase their artworks and profiles online by simple interactive tools on its external website for members who signed up. We will share information ofInternational Opportunities for visual artists such as Exhibition, Awards, Residencies, Art News from wide range of sources. Arists can also use their Profile page URL as their link to their portfolio and details


It opens to Visual Artists in those situations, working on no limitation of mediums, from painting, sculpture, installation, mixed media, time-based media, new media, and textile to textual art

“An individual does not need to be taught to be an artist”


.....but experiment, risk taking, discoveries, questions, self-evaluation,.........................



'The Uncooked Equation'

Individual(1) = Artist(1)

Artist(1) = Individual(1)

1+1+1++++more+more = Changes

Unity - Barriers = Power


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