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Original Doodle  

by Gareth Hughes

15 Feb - 9 Mar 2013

'Studio B' Boyertown - PA

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Thanks to

Circus Terminal USA

sponsors &

collaborative partners


Grassroots Poetry Group

Reading - PA


 + Interactive Performance by Catherine Goodwin.


+ Online Video Stream by Charlie Phillips. A Live Video Stream of an ongoing work in progress that will be shown throughout the exhibition period.


Totem Workshop with Jeff and Armaykieff

Circus Terminal FRANCE is

supported by the City of Liverdun



Liverdun FRANCE

Circus Terminal

International Collaboration  


Exhibition: 19 September - 2 October 2012


Participating Artists

'Circus Terminal - FRANCE' led by  Jeff Roland


'Exhibition Opening Event'

Fri 21 Sept 2pm Onwards  

Opening Cocktail Event: 6pm Onwards  

‘Totems Workshops’


Sat 22 and 23 Sept

at Chateau Corbin  

Armaykieff and Jeff Roland will be leading workshops in creating totems with the public.  Participants will bring their own totems/objects created from the workshop to ‘Park Day’.



A community event that will be a continuation from the ‘Totems Workshops’.



Info about venue & Liverdun Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE Liverdun Logo Taxidermy Pauline Bertrand Performance Totem

‘Park Day'

Sat 29 &

Sun 30 Sept

in the park of

Chateau Corbin

Opening Event Live Activities

by Participating Artists:


+ Installation of Beasts in Taxidermy

Accompanied by the performance

‘The lady and the beasts’, and

a taxidermy(stuffing dead animals)

workshop/demonstration by

Pauline Bertrand.


+ Poetry reading and Blues Harp

by Bert Schoonhoven.




+ ‘Installation of Beasts in Taxidermy’ by

Pauline Bertrand


+ ‘Collaborative Live Painting’ by international and local artists




‘Soft Opening Day’: Wed 26 Sept, 2 - 6 pm




At Chateau Corbin