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by Gareth Hughes

15 Feb - 9 Mar 2013

'Studio B' Boyertown - PA

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Circus Terminal USA

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Grassroots Poetry Group

Reading - PA


London UK

Project Launch Week

10 - 14 April 2012  

Circus Terminal

International Collaboration  

BalloonTitledChromeFluorescent Main Photo Gallery - LONDON

Collaborative ‘LIVE PAINTING’: Thurs 12 April 2012/ 2:30pm - 4pm

By Paul Czainski and Jefff Roland


Interactive Open Workshop ‘mini circus’: Thurs 12 April 2012/ 3:30pm - 5pm


Artists' Discussion: ‘Art School or Self Taught - The Impact of Labels on Artists in the 21st Century’ Sat 14 April 2012/4pm - 6pm in the Meeting Room, 2nd floor.

Chair: Miranda Sky (Artist)

Speakers: Andrew Stahl (Artist and Head of Undergraduate Painting, Slade School of Fine Art UCL), Jeff Roland (Neo-Outsider Artist & Curator), Dr. Melissa Westbrook (Founder of the ‘Neo-Outsider Art’ Movement)


Special Thanks to Louise Purnell for filming our Discussion.