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by Gareth Hughes

15 Feb - 9 Mar 2013

'Studio B' Boyertown - PA

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Circus Terminal USA

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Grassroots Poetry Group

Reading - PA


Circus Terminal EVENTS


International Collaboration  

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Opening Event: Saturday 1 December

from 6.30 – 11.00pm at Sangdee Gallery


'LIVE' Activities inspired by travel and the circus from 7pm onward.


S.I.N.E Dance Hanoi (Vietnam)- Award Winner Performing-Art Group

• Performance by Catherine Goodwin - UK/NZ

• Live Music: Shoegarden / Muninn / Space 360

• Circus Performance

• Performance by Boonsong Rodthab  

     บุญส่ง รอดทับ





'Resident Artists House-warming Party'

Thursday 29th November until Saturday 1st December- Resident Artists House-warming Party: International artists; Kobina Wright, Erin Lee Benson, Chutima Kerdpitak, Gustav Glander, Catherine Goodwin - Orientation and group welcome meal with residents of Penguin Village, artists from Circus Terminal, Alex Soulsby(PREM), Po Garden & Sinfai Chaiyasith (Sangdee).


'Collective Lunch’

Sunday 2nd December- 1pm- Collective Lunch at The Drunken Flower: All the overseas and local artists will enjoy lunch together, introduce themselves and discuss the collaborative project. This will be a devised theatre piece set in contemporary art context and documented to show the process of collaborative practice. We will explore the themes of this exhibition; travel, shared cultures, life journeys, imagine journeys, dreams, physical journeys, philosophical journeys etc. Each artist will share a journey which they have experience be that real or imagined and this will be the stimulus for devising a performance piece.

The space at Watch Space will become like an art laboratory. Alex Soulsby, Art Director for Traidhos Three Generation at PREM International School, will also join the introduction. http://www.threegeneration.org








‘Circus Terminal Collaborative Lab’

Tuesday 4th December until Monday 10th December- at Watch Space Penguin Village, Sangdee Gallery and around the city- A project space is created. The artists will work together to devise the piece of work. They will work from their own ideas and stimulus, to bring together each other’s skills such as sculpture, painting, sound, dance, performance etc.

The piece of work created will become a tapestry of ideas metaphorically stitched together to show a collaborative process.





5 artists are awarded a 2-week Artist-in-Residence at 'WATCH SPACE', Penguin Village - Chiang Mai: Kobina Wright (USA), Erin Lee Benson (USA), Chutima Kerdpitak (UK/ Thailand), Gustav Glander (Spain), Catherine Goodwin (UK).  Residency programs are led by Katie Hawker (UK), Director of Watch Space - Surface Arts.

‘Interactive Terminal’

‘Hodaoa-Anibo Prayer Flags’


Saturday 8 December from 2pm at Watch Space - Penguin Village. ‘Hodaoa-Anibo Prayer Flags’, Led by Kobina Wright (USA). Hodaoa-Anibo is a language Kobina created, inspired by her enslaved ancestors, the Prayer. Flags inspired by the Tibetan prayer flags. The artist will include a white cotton scroll where others who attend this activity can contribute to a listed virtue and what it means to them, in whatever language the contributor chooses, along with any symbol they choose to represent theirperspectives. make their own circus character costumes.






Circus Terminal THAILAND Circus Terminal WORLDWIDE

Exhibition: 1 - 10 December 2012 at Sangdee Gallery 

'Circus Terminal - THAILAND' led by Katie Hawker - Artist/Founder & Director of

Surface Arts UK www.surfacearts.co.uk


‘LIVE Public Performance’


Sunday 9th December -7pm- Three Kings Monument: Live public performance event showcasing the outcome from the collaboration by the international and local artists. To take place outside the Three Kings Monument at Walking Street Sunday Market.






Circus Terminal 'artist-in-residence'

‘mini-terminal’ Creative Children Workshop inspired by travel & circus

Wednesday 5 December 1 - 4pm at PREM International School http://www.threegeneration.org.

The workshop will be led by  Chakrit Chimnck and include participating overseas and local artists. It will follow the theme of circus to include simple costume making such as masks or hats etc. from raw materials such as banana leaves and/ or felt etc. The children can make their own circus character costumes.






Photos & VDO from Events