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by Gareth Hughes

15 Feb - 9 Mar 2013

'Studio B' Boyertown - PA

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Circus Terminal USA

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Grassroots Poetry Group

Reading - PA


Crucially, we shall persue INCLUSION by erasing DIVISIONS.

The world is larger than the dimension one can perceive by all physical senses.

What we see is not all that we can know. We will explore the myth of the planet as the basis for human beings in which we experience the familiar and the unexpected in order to see what we can make out of our reaction to what we have. The past and the future; hot and cold, hard and soft, hate and love, expensive and cheap, risky and safe, limited and unlimited. What else matters to us as an individual, physically and spiritually? The myth is fenced in by endless factors that build up conditions to continue our breathing and entertaining journey. We will see what an artist can cook-up for us from their existence as a human being, no one is an exception from those common grids, and the artists will use these with their art as the main ingredient. The expedition on the dual world, its parallel consequences will hurt, surprise or satisfy us. Painful and enjoyable life journeys could either make us capable of balancing ourselves or drive us towards loosing our balance. The project will demonstrate the process of each individual artist synchronizing their responses to particular physical conditions regarding the concept with their art as their second nature on top of their first nature as a basic living-creature fighting for survival. This combination within the human dimension is not limited by geographical and physicalconditions. We are turning limitation into creation, invention, stimulation,experimentation and potentially revolution.



Follow how 'Circus Terminal' will be transforming at each 'STOP' !

Circus Terminal

An Ongoing International Exhibition  

Collaborative Touring Project 2012-2013


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london - uk

chiangmai - thailand

Barcelona - spain

piran - Slovenia



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10 - 14 April 2012 The Tabernacle - Notting Hill, London UK

Local artist led the 'Project Launch Week' held in London as curator: Miranda Sky

28 June - 10 July 2012 The Impaktes Visuals Gallery - Sabadell, Barcelona SPAIN

Local artist led the project held in Barcelona as curator: Gustav Glander

15 February - 9 March 2013 at Studio B - Boyertown, Philadelphia USA

Local artist led the project held in Philadelphia as curator: Emily A. Branch

Impaktes Visuals Gustav Glander


Circus Terminal will endeavour to turn the world’s individual components into one delicious cake that will celebrate the differences and similarities of all human beings and who they are through their art.

This is a radical ongoing project that brings together artists with highly varied backgrounds, irrespective of whether they have been to art school or not. Scheduled to depart from boundaries from all across the globe, the show will be gathering evidence of life journeys. Coming to your town soon, we aim to build new relations and spread the idea of artistic self-reliance. Local artists at each of our ‘Stops’ will be taking part.



                                                                       Artist leading 'Circus Terminal' Project Worldwide: Chutima Kerdpitak(Nok)

1 - 10 December 2012  at Sangdee Gallery & Watch Space - Chiang Mai THAILAND

Local artist led the project held in Chiang Mai as curator: Katie Hawker

Info & Photos

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Jeff Roland Events Chateau Corbin & Info Liverdun Logo Katie Hawker - Surface Arts


philadelphia - usa

13 July - 24 August 2013 at Amsterdam Outsider Art Gallery - Amsterdam THE NETHERLANDS

Local artist led the project held in Amsterdam as curator: Bert Schoonhoven

Amsterdam Outsider Art Info & photos

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Emily A. Branch Info Studio B Bert Schoonhoven Info

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19 September - 2 October 2012  at Chateau Corbin, Liverdun FRANCE

Local artist led the project held in Liverdun as curator: Jeff Roland

Photos & VDO from Events

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wellington - new zealand

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16 - 25 May 2014 The Cultural and Artistic Association(Kulturno umetniško društvo Esko)

Local artist led the 'Project Launch Week' held in Piran: Nina Mrđenovič & Vasko Vidmar

25 February - 9 March 2014 in NZ-FRINGE Festival

Local artist led the project held inWellington as curator: Lynn Todd

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22 - 27 July 2014 De Hal Multipurpose Hall, Paramaribo

Local artist led the 'project in Paramaribo: Rinaldo Klas & Readytex Gallery

paramaribo - suriname

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