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by Gareth Hughes

15 Feb - 9 Mar 2013

'Studio B' Boyertown - PA

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Grassroots Poetry Group

Reading - PA

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These are  drawings, paintings , objects  and installations from the last 20 years.


"Feeding Void" was my most recent solo show at the Gallery  for Art and Literature in  Basle in December 2010.


Art making is stubborn, it always returns. Each work flows from a reservoir of themes,  ideas and dreamlike collisions of experience.  This means encircling imaginary spaces, formulating the previously inexpressible.

Paradoxical as it may seem art making processes involve sophisticated games of hide and seek, in which it can be fun to be hiding but dreadful not to be found. My images do not aspire to be relieved of the burden of reference, but wish to employ subtle allusions rather than spelled out certainties. My aesthetic communication is deliberately ambiguous to foster the use of different interpretative codes by those who, from diverse cultural backgrounds, will encounter the work. Foucault suggested the crisis in western thought is identical with the end of imperialism. Beyond the end of imperialism and drying up of philosophy, a future philosophy has to emerge from encounters between European and non-European culture.

I tend to use mixed media, such as pencil, gouache, acrylic, shellac, or oil on recycled objects, such as window blinds. Working with the most direct and elementary materials aids reducing artwork to its essentials and transcending technical constraints. My drawings, as non-industrial media and timeless visual communication, act as a manifestation complementary to the ever faster renewal of mass messages.  


Solo Exhibition by Louise Schmid 26 April - 20 June 2011

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Louise Schmid